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Texas Decon - Lab Removal Services (Multi-State)

Texas Decon is a Multi-State Certified Lab Removal Decontamination Contractor. We provide safe and effective sample testing and removal of residue from residential or business property contaminated from the production of amphetamine.

Texas Decon also provides Lab Packing & Characterization for transport and disposal. Our “Container Management Program” provides 24 hour availability.

Texas Decon is one of the most respected amphetamine decontamination companies in the State of Texas. We have worked with the United States Attoney's office, DEA and local law enforcement agencies throughout the state to build awareness of the importance of property decontamination and protecting the citizens of our communities.

On-site inspections
Quality sample testing, Qualitative (presence of ) or Quantitative (how much )
Work and safety plan development and implementation
Decontamination of residue levels to meet national established levels for safe habitation
State, city and county regulatory compliance
Pre & Post sample analysis
Legally defensible closure reports

The toxic chemicals used in production can cause severe lung and eye damage, chemical burns, and even death, as well as the risk for fire or explosion. Chemicals used to cook and other compounds formed during the cooking process can contaminate not only a structure, but the plumbing, A/C and heat system, yard, well and septic. If you are a prospective home buyer, or renter, TEST FIRST.....TO BE SAFE.

Texas Decon performs sample testing at reasonable rates, with results in one week.

We give Lab Removal and Disposal awareness presentations to professionals and civic organizations throughout the State of Texas. Contact us for more information.




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Call 830-660-3149 • Austin & San Antonio Metro areas
Call 713-408-0401 • Houston Metro—Call 888-956-BIO1 or 956-778-4412
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